Generate static blog website from your picked Joplin notes, and publish to Github Pages, with a few mouse clicks. Support preview in local

Additional Information

Maintainers: ylc395
Minimum app version:2.0
Downloads: This version:1439
Last updated:2022-08-15T05:36:10Z

Joplin Pages Publisher

This plugin helps you generate a static website from your picked Joplin notes, and publish it as Github Pages which are accessible on Web, with a few mouse clicks, even if you know nothing about website building & publishing / Git / Github.

Also, this plugin allows you to customize your website's theme, if you know something about HTML / CSS / JavaScript.

Hope you enjoy it!

User Guide

Please read a short and simple User Guide in wiki before starting using it.

Usage Preview

Just as simple as the gif above!

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Issues / Pull Requests / Discussion are welcome!