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Quick share notes on HackMD. Hackmd共享笔记, 原项目(

Additional Information

Maintainers: zuike
Minimum app version:2.8
Downloads: This version:136
Last updated:2023-05-15T11:06:51Z


Joplin -> HackMD

HackMD Joplin Plugin is an unofficial plugin to extend the export tools of Joplin's desktop application.

It allows sharing notes online on the HackMD website


  • Saves HackMD user credentials in secured store
  • Uploads note online using HackMD website (one-way share: Joplin :arrow_right: HackMD)
    • Content: {temporary} text only (see 'Roardmap')
    • Access for a new note by default: read - everyone; write - owner only;


  • Share a note with specified name (PR to SDK already raised)
  • Share with pictures
  • Bulk share
  • Continuous syncing (one-way periodical sync Joplin :arrow_right: HackMD)


Automatic (Joplin v1.6.4 and newer)

  • Open Joplin and navigate to Tools > Options > Plugins
  • Search for the plugin name and press install
  • Restart Joplin to enable the plugin


  • Download the latest released JPL package (*.jpl) from here
  • Open Joplin and navigate to Tools > Options > Plugins
  • Press Install plugin and select the previously downloaded jpl file
  • Confirm selection
  • Restart Joplin to enable the plugin


  • Open Joplin and navigate to Tools > Options > Plugins
  • Search for the plugin name and press Delete to remove the plugin completely
    • Alternatively you can also disable the plugin by clicking on the toggle button
  • Restart Joplin


Register on

Fill HackMD plugin settings

Open Tools > Options > HackMD sync and fill username & password fields

HackMD sync settings|571x227, 75%


Select target note and press the Share on HackMD button

Share button|671x65, 75%

Wait. If everything is ok - note body will contain link to note on HackMD

Result with HackMD link|566x65, 75%


Best support is contribution
You like this plugin as much as I do and it improves your daily work with Joplin? Then I would be very happy if you buy me a :coffee: via PayPal :wink:


Contributions to this plugin are most welcome. Feel free to open a pull request or an issue. Make sure to use conventional commit messages if you're creating a pull request.

Building the plugin

If you want to build the plugin by your own simply run npm run dist.

Updating the plugin framework

To update the plugin framework, run npm run update.